Let’s live as if…

October 18, 2011

Perhaps I appeared to fall into this category myself. But I never did. The cynic wouldn’t allow me. But there were a quite a few of my friend way back then who did. Fall into their own legend. Their lives were created out of a romantic (I would call it sentimental) view of life. They believed that their love was enough to create a kind of princess and prince happily ever after life. This is not unlike the Dick and Jane lifestyle in the suburbs. That was sold by kitchen appliance companies, real estate firms, etc. Except in the 70s it was thought that the back to the earth or back to the essentials of human relationships was… different. It was the same. It was centred on the ego. Or ego(s). Instead of a question, it was an answer to existential dread. It was ‘let’s live as if…’ I know of several of these relationships. They ended in divorce. Suicide. Alcoholism or drug abuse. Or in some cases tranquility. No different than conventional marriages.

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she was born in the yawn of a wave

biting her lip

she never laughed

met a man on the magic train with silver hands

who turned her lap into dust.


left her stranded on drifting ice.

she got boarded up by a man with a whistle in his mouth.

he never lied.


they took a trip to find out where they had rusted

got tangled up in the legend.

he thinks he’s Woody Guthrie.

she thinks she’s Oklahoma.

3 Responses to “Let’s live as if…”

  1. Love what you wrote and love the poem… are these your works of art in the slideshow? I love the post. I love the walk through history and the changes in relationships… still appropriate to contemporary life… there are still suburban lifestyles and hippies as well… except technology creates an even greater divide in human relationships these days. Thank you as always for your truthfulness and thoughtfulness. 🙂

  2. yes, thats my work in the slide show. They are pretty old. I think about 30 years.

  3. Great post today! Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it very much.

    ~ Check out today’s poem

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