Loneliness. What is it?

October 22, 2011

Can human beings be defined by one experience? I think it is loneliness. But it is not just a species experience. I believe that all sentient beings feel lonely. Which leads me to loneliness itself. What is it? The separation of one being from another? Without it, would we all be drowned in a ‘big brother’ kind of consciousness. Where every thought is monitored, ruled over, homogenized. Loneliness can lead some to drink. Suicide. Into their own personal hell. Would they accept peace of mind, happiness if it meant that they would have to give up their individuality?

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I put my loneliness

in a gold fish bowl.

It floated to the top,

face down.

I could hardly stand the smell.

2 Responses to “Loneliness. What is it?”

  1. I really like the poem. I chuckled for a moment after reading it. Lonelynest, as you put it is powerful emotion. It goes deep and sometimes never lets us go. And even in the midst of seemingly having “everything” loneliness prevails.

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