Shake and Bake

October 24, 2011

Its crude. I may have been mocking crude at the time but it is still crude. And I don’t like it much anymore. But then I’m not in my 20s. And people are not taken back by such talk today. I think that a lot of Rap is crude. As was early rock’n’roll. Its not the times we live in. Its the age we are. You can see the same thing in Romeo and Juliet. Young men filled with bluster. Taunting their father’s generation. Still, it is a bit silly.









I carry my cock and balls

damp and salty as they are,

wrapped up in an old newspaper

(fridays want ads, arab guerillas, streaks,

rain tonight, three to two in overtime,

and of course the women’s section.)

slap it down in front of ya,

sick and tired

of the same damn thing every night.

repressing a smile

coyly and slowly

you hand me your mouth

and bread it.

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