Why doesn’t nothingness prevail?

October 24, 2011

This was in my ‘ed. Rattling around. Like a pin ball. A question that every religion asks. Then cheats. The question. Why are we here? And then they change the why to for what purpose. Why are we here? The scientists ask the question. Then cheat. They change the why to how did we come to be here. Why are we here, is never asked. Not why are human beings here, but why are we here? Life? Being? Why doesn’t nothingness prevail? (I have to go back and read my Hegel.) In all the pain, joy, sadness, loneliness we experience in life, is the question pointless?

3 Responses to “Why doesn’t nothingness prevail?”

  1. For a short time I subscribed to the christian explanation for why we are here: to bring glory to God. I don’t believe that as much as I once did. I do not completely dismiss the explanation handed to me from the pulpit, I believe there is some universal truth stuck in there, like corn stuck between the teeth.

    Now I am apt to lean more toward the simple biological answer: to reproduce. But, again, I only lean and do not fully adopt the answer passed to us through the textbooks.

    The answer to why we are here is a cruel joke or maybe cunning paradox because the answer to this question cannot not be expressed in words, but only understood in fleeting moments. Only understood by chemicals within our brains firing and giving the conformation; only understood in dreams and forgotten in the morning and all that is left is the vague remnants of something important forgotten.

  2. I keep trying to cancel out any notion of purpose. And I keep coming back to a why question with a tangent. And that is, does why imply God?

  3. Why implies God, to those why implies god too, hows that for not really saying anything.

    Why certainly causes one to use a more telescopic view of what is being asked why of. Form some when they zoom all the way out, they back into God.

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