He doesn’t like it

October 27, 2011

This was written about a friend of mine. His life seemed tortured. Nothing helped. Drugs, alcohol, women. I tried to imagine what his pain was like. And as I imagined I got pretty depressed myself. Depression is a serious illness. But in your youth there is about it… adventure, romance, attention. I hated the iconic view of artists as martyrs. Suffering for their art. And they were sensitive. You could tell. Because they suffered. Not me. I did art, wrote, painted, etc. because it was fun. And it got me into the company of a different type of woman. But my friend suffered. And he still does. And he doesn’t like it.




I hid beneath your bed

waiting for you to arrive

found some holes in the wall

you painted from sight

your fist the brush.

I put my fingers inside.


And when you did not show

I crawled into the closet

and prayed to the walls,

lets go on a honeymoon,

I want to die.

2 Responses to “He doesn’t like it”

  1. Depression is a serious illness. I wish your friend the best as he deals with it.

  2. Sandra said

    I think the ceiling folding in is really effective as that is what it feels like to me…intense feeling in a small space..weight

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