It made me sick

October 30, 2011

This poem was written during the Watergate Investigations. My love affair with America was waning. The Kennedy and King assassinations had hurt. Now, I was repulsed.  American confidence was turning into bluster. And bullying. But I was too hard on the generation of Nixon’s. (My parent’s generation). I think they were the most unselfish, hard working of people. They lived through a depression and two major wars. In Canada they brought in public medical care. In the U.S. they brought in civil rights legislation. In Europe and Japan they raisedthemselves from ashes. But they weren’t always well served by their leadership.




teddy’s stick up marilyn monroe doctrine.

franklyn’s new dealership.


new frontears.

and now trick dicky thinks he’s the little dutch boy

sticking his thumb in his mouth

so there won’t be any leaks.

its obscene and absolutely poor verse.

here we have these bunglers leading their own shadows

while the silent majority extend their constituency

to the other side of the sod.

war generationed genes.

how can we understand them.

after the depression and the halocost

the lot of them took their lives

molded them into hammers

and spent the rest of their days banging away.

and their offspring

(to expand upon a metaphor)


refuse to move lest they be nail’d.

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