Is there anything in the bible about it?

November 4, 2011

Of course its of no concern. To most of us. Perhaps it shouldn’t concern any of us. But I have a Woody Allen sensitivity. And it bothers me. The Milky Way is warped. Like a phono record. At the edges. It wobbles. And the cause of this warp. Dark Matter. The silent majority. There is a galaxy of dark matter moving through the Milky Way. Like a runaway tank in the middle of Los Angeles. On an expressway. Mowing down everything in front of it. Why is this happening and what does the Tea Party think about it? I’m not  a biblical scholar but is there anything in the bible about it?

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2 Responses to “Is there anything in the bible about it?”

  1. joem18b said

    Yes, this galaxy of dark matter is in fact Satan’s galaxy, It’s where he lives. It’s his neighborhood. His friends and associates all live there, too. They’re always in a bad mood because it’s so damn dark all the time. It’s why, when they visit Earth, they hang out in smokey bars. Light hurts their eyes.

    You can find it all in the Good Book – one of those parts that nobody ever reads. When Satan’s galaxy reaches Earth, a reverse Rapture is going to happen. All those sinners, like the lawyers and prostitutes and so on, will be shoved off and onto the dark Earth.

    Our Earth will become much more pleasant then, except that we’ll lose all the smokey bars, and a hooker named Mildred, who really has a heart of gold.

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