Insane stories

November 6, 2011

There were discussions at night. Evenings all over the town. Apartments. Kids discussing the war. And how to react to it. Justifications for violence. So many people seemed to agree that we had to do something to stop Nixon. The icon of evil. Or so we thought. Everyone was so paranoid about Nixon. Rumors about the Americans dropping a hydrogen bomb on Hanoi. And one night we were asked to hide a guy. Who needed an operation. He was being sought after by the Secret Service. They wanted him dead. He wanted to set off an explosion at a naval base on the west coast. A crazy story. But it was the kind of story you believed. The guy never showed up at our apartment. Maybe he thought we were the Secret Service. Sometimes it felt as if your head would explode with all the insane stories that crossed your path.



Part 3

She says I’ve begun to take my life too seriously. I brood. She says its contagious. It make her feel restless. She tells me about the time she flew from Winnipeg to meet me in Toronto. There was so much apprehension. At 3000 feet she looked out the wing. She saw footprints.

The plane was filled with closet terrorists. Dressed up as businessmen. Toronto lay below like a plastic model. The plane swooped down and bombed the city with passengers.

Asleep. Her face loses the years we have been together. I could almost fall in love with her again. Is beauty always so quiet. If only i could make love to her without waking her. I feel like a bird trying to build a nest on the moon.

What happened to all of our friends. All i recall is the snap shots of their shadows that we keep in the bottom drawer. She plugged in the iron and threw her eyes at the clock. Yours went to the coast to dangle their feet off the ledge of the continent. Mine got married/were abandoned in convents where time is told in mirrors. Wasn’t there any other choice, I said. Yes, she replied. We could all have been born men.

One Response to “Insane stories”

  1. Old Jules said

    Morning to you. I’m not so sure anyone living in those times could be accused of sanity. Dunno about the post-doc thing. Hope your day’s a good one. Jules

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