People internalized their thoughts

November 14, 2011

Talking about his large family at a gathering of people celebrating Irish immigration, Mr. McGinty (the Premier of Ontario) said that when he got married it was the first time he’d slept alone. Previously he had to share a bed with several of his brothers. And this was the case for many peoples, working class families. Privacy was not something most people enjoyed. When couples in tenements wanted to have sex they would put their children out in the hall. People internalized their thoughts. Diaries and journals became popular. Personal space became part of the lexicon after World War Two. The suburbs became the valhalla of personal space. Everyone had their own room. Sometimes their own bathroom. And as things evolved, (television was born) life became more fragmented. Different members of a family might keep different hours. They might eat at different times. Work at different hours. But that is changing. The internet is the opposite of television. It brings people closer. Relationships can be created far afield. Intimacy is all around. But it comes at a price. Privacy.

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