Cut down on employees

November 25, 2011

My wife was in a meeting. At her firm. A big accounting firm. A sweat shop. (That’s another story.) They were talking about ‘branding’.


The company has to distinguish itself from other companies. The ‘Double R’. That’s the ranch. And of course the employees have to operate under the image of these brands. Thats the cattle.


It seems to me that if you’re going to use branding, you should do some branding. There are many creative and talented tattoo artists. Maybe they would like to turn their skills on business. And it should start at the top. With the CEO. Or Os. It would certainly cut down on employees fleeing to your competitors. Who would want to go through branding twice? Or more.

Well, maybe some CEOs would.

In the case of my wife’s firm, they want everyone to think that they’re an ECO-friendly company. So they put large trees in their lobby. And pass out free bottles of water to their employees. They call this the ‘company culture’.

It occured to me that a company shouldn’t be allowed to lie about their culture. It should be clear as tap water (after you’ve run it awhile) true. But what if you lie about your culture? Portray yourself in a light that is flattering but untrue?

Well, that brings us back to branding again.





One Response to “Cut down on employees”

  1. So true David. Our society and those in power want us to serve like cattle.

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