Maybe its happened in your town

December 29, 2011

Maybe its happened in your town. Its happened in Toronto. A town I loved. Everywhere you go now. Towers. Stalinesque architecture. Row after row of ugly. A wall of brick and glass along the lake. Tower city in the north. And now the west end. The promise of 30 story buildings along a major thoroughfare. 30 years ago the city had a plan. 20 years ago another plan. Plans were never followed. Developers do what they do. Make money. Build ghettos. Ghettos for the rich. Cages for the poor. Toronto. Once a city of neighbourhoods, now a city of parking lots. Caused by greedy developers, corrupt politicians, and an indifferent population.

These are buildings in Toronto, Moscow, East Berlin and Mississauga. That’s the thing about ugly. Its hard to tell them apart.

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This is a short documentary with Frank Gehry, the famous architect, designing a harbor in Sonderborg, Denmark.

2 Responses to “Maybe its happened in your town”

  1. Dmitry said

    I totally agree with you on the ugly of all the building being built in the city. Lived in Toronto since 1991 and have see a lot of change. It is sad to see the lakefront so developed and every new developer wanting and promising lake views.

    Guess we as a society is also to blame since that is what we want.

    What frustrates me the most of late has been the urban sprawl in the rural areas. I’ve seen farmland turned to ugly gated communities with the same copy cat house beside each other. I’ve seen tons of change in Oshawa, maybe because of UOIT being built near by and the need to expand and accommodate.

    And this year I’ve noticed the beginning of a huge construction project up north on my way to Fletcher’s Field (rugby field).

    And to bring this back closer to home, a driving range near my old apartment building has been sold and turned into a mini community of ugly house.

    To me I see it as the same problem. I wish society demanded more and different from developer/house builders.

    Not sure if you seen the photographer documentary called Visual Acoustics. I suggest you check it out, not only does it show some interesting houses it touches on the topic of urban expansion in all major cities.

  2. I checked out the documentary. Still have to watch the whole thing. Here is a trailer for the film.

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