It is a struggle

January 3, 2012

Bopping. From site to site. You run across some very odd, frightening blogs. Mostly to do with religion and politics. From an outsiders point of view, they would say that I was irreligious and left leaning. I believe in God. Although it is a struggle. I’m a pragmatist politically. And have admired some conservative leaders. In Canada, Joe Clark and Robert Stanfield come to mind. But, American politics are filled with rancour. And it occurs to me that some of that anger is focused on political figures when it comes from a well of personal failure. From an outsider I am astonished at how ignorant many Americans are about the world around them, and about their own history. Perhaps this has always been true of nations that are powerful empires. Anger and ignorance are not hopeful ingredients in a political conversation.

2 Responses to “It is a struggle”

  1. So true David. On occasion I try to address the aburd and ill-fated machinations of American politics.

  2. At time, it does look like the voyage of the Titanic.

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