An unsettled age

January 9, 2012

It’s not an entirely original idea. But it happened to me. I wrote a manuscript. Put it in a drawer. And forgot about it. 30 years later I’m throwing things out. And there it is. The times it was written in were filled with drunkeness and fornication. (More drunkeness than fornication). It was an unsettled age. In my 20s. I had broken up from a long term relationship. And wanted to catch up. Went to a lot of writing workshops. Worked on the streets selling jewellry. Met some interesting folks. These stories are about those folks.

No one was going to tell them what life was about. Or tell them how to party. They were free. And arrogant. And young. It was the 1970s and everyone was lost.

Somewhere in the 1970s.

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4 Responses to “An unsettled age”

  1. I’m 25 and getting Divorced. I’ve been tied up for the last 10 years. Things maybe aren’t as free anymore. But it’s interesting you were in a similar situation then.

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