One last fling

January 16, 2012

It is sobering. Meryl Streep stars in a new movie about Margaret Thatcher. Haven’t seen it. Don’t like Ms. Streep. As an actress. I fell in love with her in Deer Hunter. She shows Ms. Thatcher in later life. And I read. Without all her faculties. Ronald Reagan same. His fall with Alzheimer’s. Saw a picture of Mohammed Ali. Parkinson’s. 70 years old. A great fall from the prime of his life. This is all life. And the young can’t believe that those old farts were every kids. That old lady pushing the walker and losing her hair was at one time a real beauty. Bette Davis said that ‘getting old wasn’t for cowards’. I love my wife. But I still engage in fantasies of one last fling. Do we ever grow up? And what does that mean?


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