Intellectual property part one

January 19, 2012

Of course this doesn’t matter to anyone else. Yet. But my name is being used by others. For their benefit. With the legislation in the USA that is going to attempt to prohibit the theft of intellectual property. What is more intellectual than your name? When someone calls my name. David Halliday. I turn around. I rise to my feet. I expect something. Do you know the sinking feeling when you discover that when the bell tolls, it is not tolling for you? (Actually, maybe that’s a good thing)

Here is the first David Halliday. A photographer. One thing you’ll notice right away. He takes pictures of things. Those are my things. I’m sure of it. Or the portraits? Actors. Those aren’t the real people. The real people live in Hamilton.

June 6 through July 12 @ Carrie Haddad Photographs – 318 Warren Street, Hudson, New York

To celebrate nearly 20 years of work, Carrie Haddad Photographs is pleased to announce “Two Decades”, an exhibition of photographs by David Halliday. This comprehensive exhibition, spanning from the early 1990s through the present, traces Halliday’s intimate artistic journey and focus.

Halliday’s primary subjects are carefully-composed still lifes, portraits, and landscapes which he shoots in black and white film with only natural light. He is a purist behind the lens, rarely manipulating his negatives in any way and a master in the darkroom. His work has an ethereal quality that’s translated not only through the subject, but also by the warm sepia tones he uses in his printing.

Ya. Right.

One Response to “Intellectual property part one”

  1. David, thanks for the like and for visiting my blog; I am really enjoying exploring yours as well!

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