Intellectual Property part four

January 20, 2012

I would like to close on a somber note. And a warning. Below you will find the epitaph of two David Hallidays. Both executed. Murdered for their beliefs. In an independent Scotland. I have not, did not, do not in any way support Scottish independence.(I’m a coward.) But I will be painted with the same brush. Because the three of us share one thing. My name. If intellectual property rights are to be protected, than every gravestone must be discovered. And discovered read. And if it is the name of ‘Halliday’ and ‘David’ the names must be removed. Make the H silent. Add an S in front. Or a P. But it must be done. This is more important than money. More important than the music and movie industry claims. It is my life. And remember. It could be you. Google it. Discover who out there has stolen your name.

February 21
Epitaph: David Halliday
  In the churchyard of the parish of Balmaghie in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright are the gravestones of three persons who fell victim to the boot-and-saddle mission sent into Scotland under the last Stuarts. One of these rude monuments bear the following inscription:
  “Here lyes David Halliday, portioner of Mayfield, who was shot upon the 21st of February, 1685, and David Halliday, once in Glengape, who was likewise shot upon the 11th of July, 1685, for their adherence to the principles of Scotland’s Covenanted Reformation.”
BENEATH this stone two David Hallidays
Do lie, whose souls now sing their Master’s praise.
To know, if curious passengers desire,
For what, by whom, and how they did expire;
They did oppose this Nation’s perjury,         5
Nor could they join with lordly Prelacy.
Indulging favors from Christ’s enemies
Quenched not their zeal. This monument then cries,
These were the causes not to be forgot,
Why they by lag so wickedly were shot;         10
One name, one cause, one grave, one heaven to tie
Their souls to that one God Eternally.

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