Intellectual Property part three

January 20, 2012

It is the late David Halliday. And he was a terrific writer. And scientist. In fact he joined the two things to publish a number of science text books.

A few years ago I received in the mail a cheque for a substantial amount of money. Royalties. I was suspicious. I had several books released before that date but I could not imagine that I had made this much money. But there it was, made out to me. David Halliday. I sent it back. It wasn’t my publisher. How much money have I lost over the years,  how much of my intellectual property has been lost to other David Hallidays? This has to stop. Everyone should have their own name.

Here is an award ceremony where an award for teaching physics is given in my name.  You are probably surprised. I know I was.

2 Responses to “Intellectual Property part three”

  1. Most of the other Anna Fonte’s on Facebook are hot young Italian girls; I’m the only one with a painting instead of a face. Sometimes, I see that someone found me by searching for my name and I wonder, were they looking for the hot girl or the writer?
    I am grateful to those girls for being so pretty. It definitely boosts my statistics.

  2. All of this was written tongue in cheek. But the whole ‘intellectual property’ is a can of worms. My first question is, how can corporations have ideas? A person, yes. But not a corporation.

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