January 22, 2012

There was a look in their eyes. And the smile. And that laid back confidence. ‘Life is beautiful. Man.’ When someone was on drugs and they had that look, we said they were ‘bliss’d-out’. It could have been smoke, acid, hashish. Or any combination. ‘Just go with it’, they would say. I did. It was nice. And then it was boring.

So I’m surfing blogs. And I come across blogs. Religious ones. About Jesus. About giving yourself to God. About filling your mind with nothing but thoughts about God. And you know what these young people sound like. They’re ‘bliss’d-out.’ Am I the only one that notices this? That God has become another drug for people. A way of giving up the pain of being alive. About giving up anguish. And curiosity, doubt, fear and wonder. I see the same thing on religious programming. That wide eyed sense of ‘just going with it’.

This is not the worship of God. It is the worship of the feeling of God’s presence. It is idolatry.

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