Spinning enough to make you lose your lunch

January 25, 2012

I love American elections. Everything is over the top. The participants in the run for the nomination say things about each other that you wouldn’t say to your milkman. Which is why there are no more milkmen. And then when they pick a nominee for the party everybody has to act buddy buddy. American politics are filled with statistics. Like baseball. And there is corruption. Enough for lazy people to say that’s why they opt out. And there are the melodramas. People are wondering about Romney’s Mormon beliefs. And its Gingrich that has all the wives. And the debates. Not really debates. But everyone wonders about slip ups. Did Nixon really look like a gangster in his debate with Kennedyd? You couldn’t tell on our television. The reception on televisions wasn’t great in those days. And the spin. Everyone is always spinning. Enough to make you lose your lunch. But… I love it.

One Response to “Spinning enough to make you lose your lunch”

  1. inkbluesky said

    After 25 of these wiffle balls tossed between vacant minds I wonder if their true intent wasn’t to prop up the pharmaceutical industry by encouraging more consumption of anti-depressants.

    About the amazing illustrations – A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.
    Oscar Wilde

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