The Hole

February 1, 2012

The Hole. I was listening to radio one night. Couldn’t get to sleep. Art Bell. My mother listened to him all the time and I thought for sure if it was something my mother listened to, it would surely put me to sleep. A guy was talking about a hole in his backyard. It was bottomless. For hours they talked. That’s where my idea for a well in a guy’s backyard. That and the well that was in one of our neighbour’s backyard when I was a kid. Murder is like that. A hole. Something has happened. But you’re not sure what it is. Yet. Maybe never.

Thats like life. A hole. What you don’t understand. Is defined by what you do. Maybe that why we’re attracted to the notion of black  holes. An idea that doesn’t belong in the normal range of the universe. Its odd.

The Hole was the first of a group of books. There is more to come.

Detective Sam Kelly is in the last days of a long career. His final assignment is to investigate Joe Mackenzie’s complaint that neighbours are dumping garbage down his well. Kelly soon discovers that many locals have vanished over the years. In every case the disappearances lead back to the mysterious hole in Mackenzie’s backyard.

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