February 3, 2012


Who is the most evil person in this world? Hitler? No, not Hitler. King Nero? Not Nero, NO. Who is then?

This chubby calm person, Thomas Midgley Jr.

What is the most success biggest conspiracy in the World? 9/11, Keneddy Assassination, Roswell Incident, NASA Fake Moon Landing???? NO, Not all all. The biggest conspiracy in this World has a deep, permanent and accumulative impact towards our life and our world. It was American Lead Conspiracy and of course the most evil person, the calm one, Thomas Midgley must take a part in this conspiracy.

Graduated from Cornell University, Midgley is a bright Engineer and Chemist. In 1921, Midgley working for General Motors Research Corp. in Dayton, Ohio, USA. He investigated a compound called tetraethy lead that also known (confusingly) as lead tetraethyl 🙂 and discovered that lead significantly reduced juddering condition know as self-knocking or engine knock.

Actually, in that year…

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  1. Hey There Hallidd,
    I know what you mean, This year has seen many changes in EMS. New CPR guidelines, changes in popular field medications and treatments and most importantly – the development of several agencies that are geared towards making a National Scope of Practice for EMS.

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