Everyone tells everything….

February 14, 2012

There is a new idea in physics (to those who haven’t heard it before) that examining an electron changes the electron. That is you cannot both find the location of an electron and its path. (I think I’m right on that. If not I may have stumbled onto a Nobel Prize winning notion.) In any event it gives one hope. There is still privacy in the universe. That is if you invade privacy you change it. Which is what these new reality shows do. They invade privacy and then everyone pretends that the camera isn’t there. (plus of course that everything is scripted.)

Privacy is an interesting idea. In the west we think of it as a ‘right’. But that hasn’t always been the case. In the early industrial revolution where everyone was packed into small apartments there was no privacy. (If couples wanted to have sex they often had to put their other children out into the hall.) Prior to that there was little privacy in rural settings where everyone lived in very small quarters. Even the rich had little privacy. The bowl, sexual movements were closely monitored. Which is what drove people to diaries and journals. At the time of the Romans the rich were watched by slaves. The rich pretended or assumed that the slaves were mindless. Just furniture.

Now everyone tells everything. This blog is an example. Well, I won’t tell you anym…

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