Knob heel’d boots

February 14, 2012

When I lived in Belgium, each morning I took an hour long bus ride to Antwerp to work. There was one bus driver. He looked like Marty Feldman. He drove like a maniac. You had to hold on for dear life when he was at the helm. On one trip a little old lady was struggling down the aisle to get to her seat. She had just sat down when Marty pulled a hard right. It threw her out of her seat and into the aisle.

That’s the kind of politicians we have now. Reckless. Recently the Canadian government introduced legislation to give the police new powers. The power to peer without a warrant  into people’s business on the net. You can see the amount of misuse this could entail.

There is in all governments now a ‘bullying’ mentality. Maybe its because these are difficult times. Perhaps there is in the public a ‘fear’ malaise. This is not helping. Could we have gentle, thoughtful people running our affairs. I look for the same disposition in a political leader as I do in a bus driver.

2 Responses to “Knob heel’d boots”

  1. inkbluesky said

    I had a bus driver in high school that used to tear up some country lanes if she was running late. Kinda fun. Politicians in a huff and hurry to grandstand about how much they want to protect me from myself, not so much fun.

  2. Hahaha! Love it David! How practical. How clear the understated responsibility and privilege of helping other people arrive to their destinations.

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