You better have a big mouth. With fat lips.

February 16, 2012

You better have a big mouth. With fat lips. Reading an article about introverts/extroverts in the New York Times Review of Books. The writers who excelled were the squeaky wheels. Artists who weren’t alpha were nada. Selling yourself. That’s what separates successful artists from those who fall by the wayside. I’m standing on the wayside. Most everyone else is bent over at the waist and upchucking their work. A lot of artists aren’t good or comfortable selling themselves. Especially early in their careers. Unfortunately publishers and galleries don’t have the time or inclination to harbor these artists until they get their sea legs. I saw a fish once that had sea legs. He was walking up a beach. But when he saw what we had become he turned around and headed back home.


2 Responses to “You better have a big mouth. With fat lips.”

  1. Would it help if you had groupies? I’ll be your groupie.

  2. Groupies always help. I recall when I was young at the height of the Beatles, a friend of I put on English accents. We got chased by a group of girls through the subway system in Toronto. I don’t know why we didn’t let them catch us.

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