February 18, 2012

Why does no one feel the plight of the common carrot? First of all, carrots have no personality. And they aren’t cute. I have always identified with carrots because of my hair. It was orange. ‘Carrot head’. For years I didn’t have any personality. Then I saw an ad at the back of a comic book. Next to the ‘he man’ ad. It didn’t work. Then I discovered alcohol.

The Wit Continuum

Along with the ethical treatment of animals–including the ones we kill to eat–should we mandate a code of ethics for the humane treatment of plants that are havested for food?

      If we are to take seriously the notion that plants have emotions, like humans and animals, as suggested by German professor Dr. Gustav Theodor Fechner, then we would surely have to rethink that potted flower sitting on our desks or on the porch.  According to the doctor, if one showers a plant with talk, attention, and affection the plant will grow healthier. We’ve all heard this. Talk to your plants and they grow fuller and look better.  But have we really, really thought about what this means.

     Can the energy we extend to a plant, showing fondness with touch and words actually be understood by the plant and if so does that blast of rock music we play…

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  1. “Then I discovered alcohol” … sigh … those darn carrots are at it again … driving one to drink.

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