Its free but there is a price to pay.

February 18, 2012

A planet spins on the edge of our solar system. It is remembered in folklore. As the planet X, slipping near the earth on its way passed the sun. Bringing death and destruction. It is the apocalypse. The end of days. Its real name is Jack

Frank Sinatra. Standing outside on his front lawn. Dressed in a suit. With a fedora. Looking up at the star lit sky. There’s a blond over in the corner of the lot. Sitting in a lounge chair. Drinking a daiquiri. And Frank saying what a nice evening it is. And the blond responds. What’s that supposed to mean.

A book about a philosopher. Spelled with an ‘f’ in the new world. His thoughts. On the planet jack. Which is the inside of his head.

Download it here. Its free but there is a price to pay.

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A boy’s life

Much of the life on Jack is a boy’s life. Life as a boy’s world should be. Fishing. Playing ball. Skinny dipping. Smoking by a fire. The whole Tom Sawyer existence. Before the terrors of manhood. This is the way a boy’s life should be. And is on Jack. Until the sun sets. Then reality sets in. The  lives of most boys . The joys of Tom Sawyer turn into Huck Finn’s terrors. Life is dangerous. Without romance. Ugly. And angry. Filled with terror. Not from the fabrications of the imagination. But real terrors.  The dead bodies. In the abandoned houses. Drifting down through the dark river of night. But there is also incredible courage. And a depth of love that saves us all.

2 Responses to “Its free but there is a price to pay.”

  1. These are interesting images David and the book sounds fascinating. I am usually not a big reader. Very little attention span. But will download the sample when I am at my computer. Love your collages.

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