Don’t look back

February 26, 2012

I saw the scratches on the wall. Chauvet. The work of a prehistoric man. I saw a child draw. A simple box for a house. A circle for a sun. Stick men. With dresses. I saw a madman draw. Stick men. He was an accomplished artist. Who could have drawn a Rubens. He preferred to draw like a child. We see it in old people. In myself. In politicians trying to seduce voters. Looking back to some simpler time. There was no simpler time. I’m in love with Satchel Paige. He once said, ‘Don’t look back. Someone might be catching up on you.”

2 Responses to “Don’t look back”

  1. Fantastic and it is truly nice to see your work this morning…Thanks for sliding by my place…Bev B

  2. artshed70 said

    Good work – and a couple of fab links – loving the chauvet related site. Thank you.

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