The greatest group of human beings

March 7, 2012

I work in a high school. I’m not a teacher. I’m the dreaded hall monitor. I have a Master’s Degree in philosophy and a trade (computer typesetting). The reason I’m not a teacher is a long story… and boring. At the school I also coach girl’s soccer. (In Ontario coaches aren’t paid. So its voluntary.) So many people are down on teenagers. Mostly because they are parents. And that energy is so hard to contain. We have kids from over 50 different countries. And they have one major thing in common. They’re all alike. And they’re all terrific. Fantastic human beings. Even the ones with issues. Even the rich kids. I don’t know what happens to kids once they hit adulthood, but teenagers are the greatest group of human beings on the planet.


5 Responses to “The greatest group of human beings”

  1. project1979 said

    SO sweet. Thank you for posting this!

  2. I taught high school for ten years and the students were only good thing about my day. I still miss those guys.

  3. timruane24 said

    Quality work–all.
    This one makes me laugh out loud.

  4. Roberlina said

    I love teenagers too and I think they are great to observe: you discover habits that adults still have, just more innocent and new and fresh.

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