Hell and heaven and the kitchen sink

March 13, 2012

Funny. Well, not actually funny. But Christianity always puts more emphasis on hell than heaven. Ask about Heaven and you get blank stares. A friend asked a priest if there is sex in heaven. The priest said no. I guess there’s no beer. Or Sunday football. No beach. Nothing apparently but a frontal lobotomy.

Ask about hell. Its like an S&M smorgasbord. Fire. Brimstone. Fox News. There is no end of pain. The eternal dentist appointment.

Is there a 3rd choice?



5 Responses to “Hell and heaven and the kitchen sink”

  1. jellybeanyee said

    You are invited to my blog, jellybeanyee.wordpress.com , I have written about heaven and hell and existence of God. See you there !

  2. mobius faith said

    Excellent Tom Waits song. Also love the song, God’s Away On Business. Heaven – there’s actually a newer theology of heaven that is evolving which is the idea that we make our own heaven/hell hear and now. I never bought into the idea of heaven perpetrated among many evangelical circles as some other place we escape to. But I do like What Thich Nhat Hahn suggests in that, how we live right now – we are living our own version of heaven or hell. Heaven is not some afterlife or external existence. Damn! There go the travel brochures.

  3. Great post …good question..!!! Guess the third choice is to live our life the best we now how…enjoy it …and if the second two choices really exist…worry about them when the time will come…!!!

  4. The problem I have with the idea that we are living our heaven or hell right now is that people who are suffering can be said to deserve it. That they’ve done something to deserve it. When all that might have happened is that they were born in the wrong place or at the wrong time.

  5. jellybeanyee said

    Please read the posts in my blog. There is a Creator God, judgement, heaven and hell. God loves us, Jesus Christ died to save us. Hell is forever, don’t take the chance !

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