March 16, 2012

Its reading week and it brings back memories. To college. Where we used to call this week ‘suicide week’..

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I was asked to edit a small residence magazine at university. It was supposed to be mostly a newsletter telling everyone about events to come, what was news in the residences etc. I made it into a literary mag. Which pissed a lot of people off.  Around the middle of February there was a week we used to call ‘Suicide Week” because it was the week with the highest number of suicides among college kids. Mostly kids who had squandered their time or money and were now feeling the pressure of papers and exams and their parents wrath in the spring.

I put a special edition of the mag out in February called DEATH. It was an irresponsible thing to do. From my viewpoint now. But at the time, it seemed important to ridicule what no one wanted to talk about. (The next year they inauggerated ‘reading week’ that week…

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  1. That is so sad (the kids suicide part… but I can relate to the stress of school!). But, cool magazine and fantastic art work… is that yours? I would love to see more from your literary magazine!

  2. The mag which was called JAM (John A Macdonald) went the way of the dodo. When I was a pup. Don’t even have copies of it.

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