I had to say it

March 17, 2012

Like Plato’s cave. Blogging. What is on the screen does not exist. In the internet. The internet. Like a series of numbers.

The numbers are 1 and 2. On and off. But that is just translation.

The reality (to us) is chaos. Like watching the interference on your television when there are no channels.

A friend of mine spent hours watching interference. He was on acid. I asked him why. He said he couldn’t help himself. It was like a magnet.

The interference is where everything is. Not yet divided, tagged, and filed.  Interference is the treasure. The sun. The source of all light. Of reality. Except for one.

Consciousness. Consciousness creates reality. Creates the universe.

Not just human consciousness. Any consciousness.

If I read this on another blog, I would think that the author was pretentious. Explaining everything by saying nothing. Or. That he was mad. Speaking tongues. Drivel. Or that he was putting me on. Pulling my leg. Having some fun. Guilty on all counts.

But I had to say it. It was like a magnet.

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