Too Busy Tonight

May 2, 2012

The Crossword Puzzle

Sadness. She had a copyright. And a smile. That she liked to keep quiet. Until you were alone. And she’d surprise you with. A warning. She wasn’t what she seemed. That she was quite irrational.

I sat alone in a restaurant. Eating snitzel. And reading the New York Times. Across Church Street. She stepped out of an apartment building. Swimming. In the arms of her lover. Who looked like he’d just taken her. For a test drive.

I recommend. The apple pie. With cheddar cheese. Melting over its crust. They stepped into a taxi. And I no longer wondered. Why she said. She was too busy to see me tonight. For coffee. To do the crossword puzzle.

4 Responses to “Too Busy Tonight”

  1. For some reason this tickles my funny bone.

  2. This is such an intriguing collage piece.

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