Pudding on your plate

May 5, 2012

An Old Man Goes Mad Cooking Dinner

Out of life. What I was thinking. Is what I want. A splinter drives his ugly head up and under. My fingernail. How much pain does it take to wear you out? And is there some kind of plan. To flay the poor. And make a purse for the rich man’s money.

Jesus is a wrist watch. That never keeps time. But at least it distracts you from. The point of getting older. My only concern about time. Is how much I have left.

I wait at my window. For the sun to arrive. And watch the young girls. On the corner. Looking pretty. As the young gentlemen present themselves.  Like seniors in the 1 to 8 items shopping line.

The glass is too frail to be half full. Turn my head back to the table. I thought you should know. That isn’t pudding on your plate.

4 Responses to “Pudding on your plate”

  1. “Jesus is a wristwatch” – 🙂 I love that.

  2. i like your collage. Excuse me if i have disregarded your blog. It’s very interesting.

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