A spear fell out of your side

May 7, 2012

Hang Down Your Head

Heard that he was pumping gas. A rag hanging out of his back pocket. Aka. Bruce Springsteen. And you were so young. You loved the oil under his nails. And the accent in his voice. Your mother wanted a lawyer. He lit up a cigarette. His fingers went up like a torch.

She was in a cast. Both legs. Sitting on the front seat of her Buick. I rolled down the window. And spit. Handed me a joint. One toke and I started to explain my real reasons for being there. I want to write my name. Between your legs. Don’t be boring. She said. You’re beginning to sound like a room filled with lawyers.

The wind was coming out of the east. Hands down on the sidewalk. Looking for your contacts. You hung like a rag. From a tree. A spear fell out of your side. As you laughed. I know someone who went to law school. False accusations. You could sue for that.

One Response to “A spear fell out of your side”

  1. rtd14 said

    Powerful writing!

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