You’re laughing. Into your salad.

May 9, 2012

Near The End

You’re laughing. Into your salad. And I think you owe me the courtesy of telling me what was so funny that you had swallow. For the second time. Everything that you had already digested.

I went out to a trout pond. With Vic and Ed. They threw out their lines. And I opened a book. And started reading your verse. And you said. Fish are like God. No one really believes they exist.

Someone was pounding at my chest. Like a knock at the front door. When you’re in the basement. Hiding behind the furnace. I held my breath. And hoped they would leave. But the girl beside me. Said she would have to go upstairs. And pee.

God keeps a special list. His Son as a stand-up comic. And the names of those who didn’t laugh at his jokes.

4 Responses to “You’re laughing. Into your salad.”

  1. Your last two sentences slay me. Great stuff. And a whopper of a cool image.

  2. thank you. i seem to be going through a god phase. like graduation from high school.

  3. What a lovely write up, That last line is heart of the story, it Made me chuckle,good fun read loved it šŸ™‚

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