You put your smile inside mine

May 10, 2012

Six Credits For A Name

Blonde. In black leather. A boyfriend who looked like a young. Robert Redford. And you saddled up to me. I pinched myself so often. 3rd degree burns. I had to catch myself. From drooling. And the way you laughed.

Bergman film. We talked about sadness. I thought it might have been the lack of sunshine. Or the need for attention. It was no accident that Kierkegaard. Was a Dane. You said you felt drunk. Ideas were more than you could handle. You put your smile inside mine.

I took you home. To your place. Your boyfriend was there. You started yelling. He hardly said a word. You apologized. At 11 o’clock. You said we could meet tomorrow. Decades ago. I guess you could be a grandmother by now.

4 Responses to “You put your smile inside mine”

  1. I like this intriguing, romantic and wistful piece of writing.

  2. “You put your smile inside mine.” Delicious. Nothing like a what-might-have-been.

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