Certain Personal Peculiarities

May 11, 2012

Certain Personal Peculiarities

Naked in front of the fireplace. Only memories. Burning away. Everything goes up in smoke. And I’m tired of this constant. Investigation. Of certain personal. Peculiarities. You are 50 years old. And you’re still trying to please your mother.

I remember that picnic. It was raining outside. And I was eating potato salad. Directly from the bowl. You said the Italians were sausages. How did the laughter feel. Inside you.

I don’t dispute. It was your right. It was your body. But he’d be about 25. By now. Maybe he would have been hit by a bus. Or come down with some incurable disease. I can’t help it. Its not fair. But, I miss him like every other memory I’ve forgotten.

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