I know what you’d like

May 15, 2012

The Politician On Your Right

Two faces. Your hand in his pocket. You’d like to suck off his wallet. Looking for a baby. To kiss. Twist. Off its head off. Like a child’s top.

I’m sticking out my tongue. Its my democratic right. To write this poem. As long as its in iambic pentameter.

Rip off my ears. Stick them on your cat. With super glue. I know what you’d like. To do. To me. Its what you’d like to do to yourself.

You don’t need financial compensation. You just want to feel safe. From the rest of us. Who might like to know what you’ve been doing with your tongue. When you couldn’t control yourself.

5 Responses to “I know what you’d like”

  1. I am not much for poetry, I generally don’t understand it very well, and I am not entirely sure I understand this one. However, I am completely captivated by both it and the imagery. Simply intriguing.

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