Lodged in my throat

May 17, 2012

One Flew

One flew over the garage. One flew through the fan. As it was being turned on. One flew passed my ear. There was a message on the bathroom window. I’m tired of waiting for you. To listen.

All the computers crashed. And I began to lose my hair. No one in the office wanted to sign the birthday card. I bought for you. Even when I promised that you were real. This time.

No parking. A sign appeared. One Saturday morning. As I was reading the New York Times. In front of the house. A kid ran between two cars. It was Saturday. I put on a tie. And a fresh new shirt. And we went to Mass. To celebrate. The death of our neighbour’s son.

One flew through the trees. One flew from the mouth. Of the priest. You said it was cold. In the cemetery. One began to dance with joy. One got lodged in my throat. And one headed south.

2 Responses to “Lodged in my throat”

  1. Interesting and profound…and surreal

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