Why isn’t this enough?

May 20, 2012

‘When holy men and women died, their power lived on in their relics (whatever they left behind: their bones, hair, clothes, sometimes even the dust from their tombs). In the fourth century, pious people knew this very well. They wanted access to these “special dead”.’ (A Short History of the Middle Ages, Barbara H. Rosenwein)

Today, we have memoribilia. From hockey players to serial killers. These are our saints and sinners. But it isn’t just people who do good or evil things. It is also people who are honoured for doing nothing of importance. Saint Symeon Stylites,  who stayed up the top of pillars for decades, was revered. Something like the Kardashians. What is it that they have done?

But why? Why do people worship these people? Why do they collect autographs, souvenirs, join clubs, etc.?  It seems like there is some need in the human psyche for transcendence. To believe that there is something more to this existence than the here and now.

Why isn’t this enough?

6 Responses to “Why isn’t this enough?”

  1. Provocative. Great post.

  2. It’s idolatry. Man doesn’t have his God so he replaces the spiritual with the earthly. After a while this becomes whatever titillates the senses the most. As in the Days of Noah…

  3. dove124 said

    Why don’t you rephrase your question ? cause your question is misleading.
    You asked :”Why the need for worship ?”

    Worship to whom?
    There are different answer to different situation.

    If it pertains to God……He wants that to you , as an Honor and recognition, and acceptance, that you just a creature, and HE is the Creator, THE GOD, and Providers of all your needs.

    Now, if it pertains to Theater actors, sports players, martial artist or who are famous….there are so many reasons in doing so. 1) Maybe , to show it to their friends as evidence , that they really saw that person/s 2) Thinking, that in the future, it will worth something 3) Some need it for posterity 4) others , ..just for fun of it 5) Others used it as tools in their Idolatry acts. and this is the most abominable thing in the sight of God .

    I hope that it answer your question.

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