the owner wants to go home

May 22, 2012


Her face is so sweet. Her mother is crying on the phone. I’m doing the best I can. (Is that true?)  And the Fire Department stepped in. Just a routine examination. Of your state of mind. I’m afraid of what she’s considering. And what would that be. I’d rather not say. Cutting her wrists.

Lovers dancing. Four o’clock in the morning. And the owner wants to go home. I don’t care how much you pay me. Romance doesn’t wake me up at nine. My wife isn’t crazy about these hours. You two should get a room. Better yet. What if I sold you the place.

One. Reason. For looking deeply. Into myself. I tried it when I was 17. And couldn’t find anything. But a small boy. In the corner of his room. Shaking.

And at 14. I met a girl. Her name was Francine. She said she dreamed about hanging herself. We cut our initials into a tree.

2 Responses to “the owner wants to go home”

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