I’m losing. All I know.

May 26, 2012


I’m so ashamed. I didn’t think. I’d ever hear those words. From. Words. Like knives. Points at both ends. Nothing quite bends. Like your skin. When the blood. Makes a break for it. And the air. Rushes in.

Never mind. I’ve forgotten better. Than. Sunlight. Through. All the holes. That were pledged. To me. All I can smell. Is your tears. And your lips on your knees.

Electric toothbrush. Ipad. Microwave oven. A wall. Against the waving trees. Goodbye. You’re afraid of death. I’m afraid of nothin.

Too young. To handle all this emotion. Wish I were back. Somewhere where there. Wasn’t so much confusion. I’m losing. All I know.

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