Time to go home

May 27, 2012

Antibiotic Revelry

Went to the dump. Looking for that sled. Rosebud. Or was it Rin Tin Tin. I saw in a film. Maybe there’s no chance of finding it. But then I’m not looking for intelligent life in the universe. I’m just trying to find out if all my suits fit.

I have this overwhelming feeling. I’m going to need a 3 piece. Sounds macabre. But I was in the theatre. When Marlene Dietrich. Fell off the stage. She was 80 years old. And looked it. But she had my attention. Until she ended up in the arms. Of the guy. Who plays the oboe.

I drink revelry. Every time I see an old black and white. Its like living with ghosts. I had a dream. That we were all dead. That all of this was Jesus’s home movie. And he had passed out by the pool. With Dean Martin. In his arms.

Woke up in a theatre. Empty. Except for the girl. In her uniform. With her broom. And her yellow teeth. And she kept repeatin’. Its time to go home. Its time you left all these thoughts behind.

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