June 1, 2012

After all these years, I am surprised by… something. Something I can’t speak of. Human behavior. Behavior in a way so odd that I can’t believe its real. Did I imagine it. Without going into all kinds of details, I asked a colleague for a ride home. I was a way up in northern Toronto at an event. She had to pass by my neighbourhood to get home. She didn’t say yes. I was befuddled. Fuddling is an interesting emotion. Sort of confusion with mirth. Have I offended her in some way. Perhaps by asking for a ride. In the end she just left. I did get a ride part way home from someone else. Its odd you know, someone saying ‘no’ to a request which does not put them out that much. Or was my sin that I expected a ‘yes’. I’m not angry. I’m befuddled.

3 Responses to “Befuddled”

  1. columbibueno said


  2. anaberbakov-anee said

    confused 😉

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