John Lennon’s blood

June 3, 2012

John Lennon’s Blood

Three piece suit. Including a tacky tie. Swirling around in the drier. One more interview. In New York. With fake identification. To get across the border.

In New York all the bums in the street look like bankers. Except for the dress code. The manholes. Are alpha. And that kid with the guitar and hat. Thinks he’s Frank Sinatra.

The buildings go up. Forever. My neck is in a brace. Like walking through the Papal Apartments. And that’s where all those people collapsed. 911. It was like the human pyramid act. At Abu Ghraib.

A rapist in the park. A killer in the elevator. Stand up comic. Selling newspapers. John Lennon’s blood. On the sidewalk. That shadow of the Son of Sam. Dancing a jig on the promenade. Everything means nothing. In the big picture.

3 Responses to “John Lennon’s blood”

  1. “bums look like bankers”… David … that makes me so so guilty: i was a bankersome years ago….

  2. Maybe they are wearing the hand me downs at Goodwill from bankers who have bought new suits. One group has flourished. The other continues to grow.

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