Am I Good

June 5, 2012

Am I Good

Thank you China. For all the times I ate my dinner. For all those children starving. Somewhere. Do they tell the children in China. Not to be afraid. There are children in America who can’t stop trembling.

Is it me? But do all the Christian’s believe. That there is no such thing as perspective. That Jesus was a stick man. Who was crucified. On a stick.

I’m half way down the stairs. I stop to rest. Someone gives me water. I can’t remember why I am descending. I know I must have done something very serious. To be headed in this direction. I tried to get in touch with myself. But was blown off.

The doctor says that I haven’t asked enough questions. About the real source. Of my anxiety. Am I afraid of the colour of my cock. Am I afraid to admit to the crimes I committed against my lovers. Was I just afraid of nothing in particular.

I’m standing next to the photograph. Of all of us. Together. We all smiled for the camera. But not for each other.

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