Why is there heaven?

June 6, 2012

When Charlemagne passed away sometime when humanity was in elementary school, no one could believe that such a great man could pass on. The shock was similar to the assassination of John Kennedy. For generations afterwards there would be sightings of Charlemagne. Even leaders who would masquerade as him. Like Elvis impersonators.

There were always conspiracy enthusiasts who suggested that he hadn’t really died, just retired to enjoy his old age. Which brings me to heaven. Why do people believe in a heaven or a hell?

1. Everyone wants justice and fair play to prevail. Why should those who go through life take what they want, why should they not suffer in some afterlife.

2. At a  public level, life itself is so wondrous, consciousness, human experience, civilization has created such wonders, how could it just end? It was too absurd to be true. There must be an afterlife.

3. On a personal level, my consciousness, my experience with the world is all I have. How could that not be? What would be the point of being if there was then to be an end to it? Why wake me up from nothingness to send me back into the pit of total forgetfulness?

But what if the absurd were true?

5 Responses to “Why is there heaven?”

  1. thoughtful post. Great one.

  2. Ajay Kaul said

    Very thoughtful. My interpretation though is that in the grand scheme of things we are here to create stories and inspiring generations to keep the world moving. The stories are important, the players are not – one falls and the other rises.

  3. This is a really great post! I nominated you for a 7 x 7 Award..see my blog for details! Congrats! Share the love!

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