Boring snobs

June 7, 2012

There is in the school I work a program called International Baccalaureate. The kids are very focused, motivated, and chatty. They are intelligent. Parents love it. Its very prestigious. The school loves it. Its very prestigious. The teachers who are involved are some of the best in the school. The people who run the program are bright, enthusiastic, and motivated.

It is one of the most dangerous ideas in education.

IB is elitist. It fosters the notion of entitlement that somehow these children deserve success and will achieve success because they are better. I talk to the kids a lot and generally I like them. But they are snobs. And what’s worse they are becoming boring snobs. Bright as they are they have almost no interests outside school. Few participate in sports, student government, clubs. They do not have time. They associate with each other. It is like a school inside of a school. They have a gated mentality.

7 Responses to “Boring snobs”

  1. Planning 2 Learn said

    Do you know that the IB was not designed to be an honrs program? It was a curriculm to support students with families that moved across the globe. So has the IB changed or has other education systems lowered their achievement?

  2. Ouch! Nothing worse and more dangerous than a gated mentality – oh wait that’s what Washington DC has.

  3. trystan457 said

    There are two types of people in the world. The rich and the rest.

  4. Even though i am an Ib student , i must agree, most other IB-students do think they are better than everyone else, especially because the teachers treat us different and the programm does take away all time and energy to do anything else …

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