She has a big ass

June 8, 2012

No More Stories

She has a big ass. That she has licensed. Out to public view. It makes me weep. All this crudeness. Why can’t I describe my face. Flush in the middle of that watermelon. Where you could drown.

She has big teeth. That shine like lighthouses. And all the bankers on their cell phones and their tongues pegged on the line. Singing. Like the Four Seasons.

She is big boned. Her thighs like hammers. In the Industrial Revolution. Metal clanging against clanging. And she wants to meet you in her abattoir.

She has big ideas. Wants to bone up on her Greek. Wants to flush out her asshole. And have a colostomy. And film it in 3D.

Is there nothing that cannot be discussed? Do we have to hear about all of her holes. Look into my eyes. And tell me you don’t see my soul. Its sleeping on her sofa. Can you hear it snore.

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