My idea was heresy.

June 11, 2012

In my master’s thesis on Karl Marx and Freddy Hegel, I said that Marxism would fall based on a contradiction in its basic assumptions. Marx in my view had misread Hegel. Many Marxists on staff were upset. My idea was heresy. Over the years I have come to realize that all economic systems have contradictions built into them. Contradictions that eventually mark their end.

Many believed that there were only two economic systems, Communism and capitalism. But of course there were other economic systems throughout history: mercantilism, fascism, socialism, serfdom etc.

I am not an economist but I think one can see that there is nothing religious about economic systems. They function and then they cease to function. Individual liberty is never a goal of any system.

World economic recovery depends a great deal upon America’s recovery. And much of America’s recovery is stunted by self-interest. At least short term self-interest. A house divided cannot stand. In these difficult times it seems to me that what politicians and people lack is imagination. And then courage. One thing they haven’t lacked is patience. But for how long?

7 Responses to “My idea was heresy.”

  1. Saw a TV program the other day called ‘Surviving Progress’. The premise was, while our technology/culture has ‘advanced’, we as a species have not evolved at all in the last 50,000 years. We are all, or at least the vast majority of us, still hunter-gatherers, guided deep-down by self-interest and the need for our ‘own’ to survive at the expense of others. This is why capitalism in one form or another continues to triumph.
    We haven’t ‘progressed’ at all; we’ve just got more stuff.
    Give it another 50,000 years and we may well be on the way to true civilisation.
    Interesting viewing.

    • Interesting point. As individuals we have not developed but as a society you might argue that we have. The end of slavery (most slavery), the emancipation of women (in most societies), the conquest of many diseases etc.
      What I’m not sure of is, can things devolve. Could things get worse?

  2. I really like this image. It has that feel I cannot describe. Endless despair? Endless non-identity. Prisoners of our own making….

  3. It was an illustration for a children’s book called ‘The Great Race’. Out of context it has a different feeling about it.

  4. 2kdb2 said

    “individual liberty is never the goal of an economic system”


  5. […] My idea was heresy. ( […]

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